The 5 Best Proposals

"What greater thing is there for two human souls that to feel that they are joined... to strengthen each other... to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories" - George Eliot says it perfectly, when you meet that special someone it's a magical feeling and when you know they're the one it's a beautiful discovery. Proposals are what girls dream about, the moment they become bound to their love, together for eternity. It's the beginning of a journey and every romantic's desire is to pull off the best, most thoughtful proposal. Planning and plotting takes some skill, something these 5 lovers have mastered. We've found some of our favourite proposals that have been such a success, they've gone viral. Take note and be prepared for some tears.

1. Dean Smith, the man who made a year long proposal video for his wife Jen.

He decided that for one year, he would ask her to marry him- every single day! Writing messages on a wipe board and dating it- he recorded himself holding it up in various places. He even gets members of their friends and family involved. He creates a video with all the footage he's got and presents it to her whilst on her birthday in Aruba. Staying true to his style, he records her receiving messages from her family using the wipe board, her sister passes her the board which requests Jen to go to the pool, at the pool she's presented with a wipe board instructing her to go to the bar, and then the beach where she sits down and watches the 365 times her soon to be fiance proposes to her, the last title on the video, is 'turn around' when she does, Dean is behind her, on the beautiful beach, he gets down on one knee and of course she says yes.

2. Liam Cooper, a filmmaker from Sydney planned his proposal for months

He filmed a video which features his girlfriend Amy's Dad to the song 'Rude' by Magic, a US hit song about a father declining the request of a man to marry his daughter. In the film Liam uses his humour, as he tries to impress her Dad and win her hand! Liam and Amy are on a double date with her sister and brother in law, they had already been out for dinner and she thought they were going to watch a film afterwards too. Before the film begins, Liam told Amy he's using the bathroom and so leaves the theatre, when he does the film he's made starts being played on the big screen to an unsuspecting Amy and 100 people in the theatre, some of which are their undercover family and friends! When it finishes, he re-enters with flowers and a ring and asks her to marry him. After 7 years of being together, she said yes!

3. The man that saved for his wedding since he was 12

Levy met Tiffany outside the Rose Bowl stadium and so planned a proposal that brought them back to that very place. Tiffany's sister and childhood friend knocked on her door one day to surprise her, they then got into a stretch limo where more of Tiffanys friends were waiting. They arrived at the nail salon to find even more of Tiffany's closest friends, after their pamper session they went to Levy's favourite restaurant for some lunch and then on to a shopping spree where Tiffany personally picked out her proposal dress, unknowingly of course! Next she was sent to a hotel and asked to get ready into her new outfit, she then was instructed to put on a blindfold and was driven to the Rose Bowl, walking by her side her Father led her to the centre of the pitch where Levy was waiting with that special question. Watch the video here and be prepared for a tear or two!

4. A proposal at a wedding is forbidden rule but when Chelsea Pulse was told her cousins anniversary fell on her wedding day...

She helped her friend Brett plan the perfect proposal. When she came to throwing her bouquet to her bridesmaids she turns around and gives them directly to her cousin, she then spins her around where Brett kneels down and asks her to marry him.

5. For the gamers amongst us, this will blow your mind

Halo Proposal

A copy editor hacked his girlfriend's favourite game, Halo. During a match with their friends, he arranged for his avatar to take her character to a secret spot to find a special weapon. When they arrived, instead of finding the energy sword she found a message spelling out 'Marry me?' She said yes and they continue to play Halo together!

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